Texas Slow Net

telegraph key image courtesy FCIT


telegraph key image courtesy FCIT


The Texas Slow Net meets daily at 7:45 PM local time, on 3570 KHz +/- QRM. TSN is a traffic handling training net.  All stations licensed for the frequency are welcome to participate.

TSN is well suited for operators who are interested in building proficiency in the International Morse Code and learning about handling procedures in CW traffic nets. During each session, a traffic handling lesson in the form of a radiogram is sent to all participants.

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TSN is a member of the National Traffic System


Tips for Learning the Morse Code

  • It is most important to learn Morse Code by sound, and not visually as a series of dots and dashes.
  • For your benefit, it is better if characters are sent rapidly, at about 15 words per minute, with the spacing between characters adjusted to lower the speed. This prevents you from trying to count dots and dashes, and is the most effective way to learn the code by sound.
  • Many more tips are available from the American Radio Relay League.

Suggestions for Building Proficiency

  • Listen to the Code Practice transmissions on W1AW.
  • Set tangible goals for yourself using the W1AW Qualifying Runs in the ARRL's Code Proficiency Program.
  • Participate regularly in NTS traffic nets. As your speed increases, try the Texas CW Traffic Net.
  • Take part in contests and operating events using CW.

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