Who is Sharpstown Toastmasters Club?

The Sharpstown Toastmasters Club

isnít just any Toastmasters club!! Chartered in 1963, it is one of the oldest Toastmasters clubs in the Houston area. Its tradition of excellence is attributed to a continued focusing on the principles espoused by the founder, Ralph C. Smedley.

There are four main parts to the meeting: the business session, Table Topics or impromptu speaking, prepared speeches and the evaluation session.

Sharpstownís business meetings can be exciting. In this "business to tend to" session we learn about using basic Parliamentary Procedures in the context of our formal business meeting. This is a great place to learn about conducting formal business meetings and how to use basic parliamentary procedures.

Table Topics allows members to practice their impromptu speaking skills. Every member must speak for two minutes on the spot. This is a great tool to get your thinking fine tuned for those occasions where a quick and well formulated response is critical.

The formal speeches are designed to help you overcome your fear of public speaking by providing you with proven speaking techniques to apply to any speaking occasion. At Sharpstown Toastmasters we concentrate on business speaking. What we learn and practice at Toastmasters should be something that we can take "home" to our jobs, to improve our communication skills where it really counts.

Sharpstown Toastmasters isnít just about public speaking. It is about leadership, too. The skills we learn and practice in our meetings and in our club are all transferable to our business lives. We study how to plan meetings, coordinate with others to get tasks done, set and meet goals, and motivate ourselves and others.

We evaluate our own efforts and the efforts of others in the club. It is by the constant evaluation of our speaking skills that we learn what works best and where we need improvement. Speech evaluation and meeting evaluation is a key part of our club atmosphere. Becoming a member of Sharpstown Toastmasters Club isnít like attending a class or a seminar. It is a learning by doing atmosphere where we are all teachers and students at the same time. Our learning is in a friendly and fun atmosphere and it prepares us for the harsher world by helping us to conquer our fear of speaking.

In our fast paced world where weekend seminars are billed as the be all and end all of some self improvement effort, it is nice to know that there is an ongoing club atmosphere where public speaking is practiced and refined. Classes end at the final exam and seminars end when the weekend is over. Too often we return to our old and comfortable fears. That is not how it is with Sharpstown Toastmasters. Every week we study and practice and refine our communication and leadership skills. Please come to visit our club and consider becoming a member. If better public speaking is your goal, then Sharpstown Toastmasters Club is the place to come.

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