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Pico Technology offers a variety of low cost PC based data loggers. Starting at around $100 and going up to a few hundred dollars in price, these units offer tremendous capability for the money. All of the faster data logging units also come with the PicoScope test instrument software which allows one to do some diagnostics on the data logging sensors and wiring using the data logger hardware. Additionally, the Pico Technology virtual instruments described elsewhere come with the PicoLog software that allows them to be used as data loggers.

Pico Technology PC based data loggers can be divided into three groups. First, there are the general purpose units which range from single channel up to 16 channels. Second, there are the high speed devices which are 1 to 4 channels and then there are the environmental loggers which specifically measure temperature and / or humidity.


Pico Data Logger Comparisons and Detailed Descriptions

Data Loggers - general purpose voltage input

High Speed Data Acquisition

PC-based temperature and humidity monitoring





PicoLog Data Logging Software

PicoLog is a powerful but flexible data logging package for collecting, analysing and displaying data from the Pico Technology ADC range. PicoLog software can collect data at rates from once per second to once per hour: up to 1 million samples can be collected. Data can be displayed in both graphical or spreadsheet format, both during and after data collection.

PicoLog has a wide range of functions to assist in the collection, monitoring, analysis and display of data.





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